The number of rooms on site is limited. We suggest that once registration opens you do so as soon as you can. 


There will be a senior early bird registration that will open June 15th, three days before regular registration. Senior early birds are those that have attended at least three IFFS in the past. Although we understand the interest in this extraordinary combination of craft, chemistry and wilderness has grown exponentially in the last few years, we seek to ensure the presence of participants who have attended a number of editions.


On June 18th, registration opens for all. In both cases, spots are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis.

Please fill out form on this screen and send. We will send back a confirmation email in order of reception until the spots are full. You will have three days upon reception of email to make the payment and send us confirmation of bank transfer. Once received we will answer with your registration number and room details. There will be a waiting list. Please be patient since we handle this list one by one.

In order to fit in more people we have fully booked a small hotel a 5 minute walk from the convent and another small room in the town centre.


A limited number of day spots will open in December. These spots are particularly intended for Canary Island residents who wish to attend the symposium for a day without having to stay the night. 


Symposium fee + Full room and board (7 nights) :

Single room (single bed) = 1155 euros per person

Double room (twin beds) = 980 euros per person

Double room (one double sized bed)  = 980 euros per person

Group room (price per bed)  = 840 euros per person

Registration is now open for those that have attended more than three IFFS.

General registration will open on June 18, 2025

11AM – PST     ///    8PM – CET   ///   7PM GRAN CANARIA


Room choice

10 + 6 =

IMDI Travel Grant

The IMDI Travel Grant has been given to help an individual attend each IFFF Symposia since 1985. All funds raised by the sale of Miriam’s book, Mushrooms for Dyes, Paper, Pigments & Myco-Stix™ support keeping this important book in print and funding the IMDI Travel Grant. The 2022 IMDI Travel Grant was awarded to Diāna Meiere of Latvia. Read about Diāna and the full history of the IMDI Travel Grant with accounts of recipients’ experiences here:


If you wish to be considered for the IMDI travel grant, please write a letter through our contact form until August 1st, 2024.